Garnish is an interesting topic for Bloody lovers. Some believe it’s unnecessary and gets in the way of the cocktail at hand. Some believe a whole fried chicken belongs adorning the rim of the glass. (Not kidding- that’s a real thing.) Personally, I am somewhere in the middle. I don’t mind the classic accouterments – some fresh celery, an olive and a lemon wedge,  but, I can do without those as well. They certainly don’t ‘wow’ me or make the Bloody Mary more enjoyable. I like when my Bloody Mary has the kind of garnish that makes it a little extra special. I like to have a little bite here, and an interesting flavor there, and a sip in between. I like to take my time and have a ‘Bloody Mary Experience.’  Garnish makes it extra special… and I believe in extra special. So here’s to raising the garnish bar. Cheers!