Local Tastes

All Bloodys are not created equal. In fact, that is exactly why we created the Local Taste Bloody Mary App! On our hunt for the Best Bloody Mary, we stumbled upon a Brunch spot, or two. Here are our thoughts on a few of them!

Modern Barn, Armonk NY

Located in Armonk, NY, Modern Barn is spacious, elegant and rustic. The beautiful glass light fixtures bring your eyes up to the curved wooden ceiling and immediately you are transported to quite literally, a modern barn.

Alvin & Friends, New Rochelle NY

Southern influenced food, friendly and welcoming staff, top notch Bloody Marys, jazz, and colorful artwork make for a wonderful Bunch experience.

Q Restaurant & Bar, Port Chester NY

Q Restaurant & Bar is a casual, family friendly, barbeque joint located on Main Street in the heart of Port Chester, NY. It is conveniently located near the Port Chester Metro North Station making it a great spot to stop in for a beer after the commute home or to easily bring home some take out.

Del Frisco’s Grille, Stamford CT

The Bloody Mary at Del Friscos is a Local Taste Favorite. It’s a great place to go alone, or grab some friends and kick back with a carafe of Bloodys!

Old Greenwich Social Club

Old Greenwich Social Club is more commonly known around town as O.G. Social. It’s located right across from the Old Greenwich Train.

The Cookery, Dobbs Ferry NY

About The Cookery Restaurant in Dobbs Ferry, NY is one of the more popular restaurants amongst the thirty something foodies crowd in Westchester. It’s food is rustic, flavorful and pushes the envelope just enough to make it a truly unique culinary experience, without going over the top. The Bloody Mary Now, we all know Brunch wouldn’t […]

Lilly’s, White Plains NY

Lilly’s is one of the newest additions in White Plains, NY and we welcomed them with open arms! In a long line of pretty terrible bars along Mamaroneck Avenue geared towards the Westchester college crowd, Lilly’s finally gave those of us pretending to act like grown ups and seeking a proper cocktail, a place to […]

Rye House, Port Chester NY

One of the newer additions in the chain of restaurant openings is The Rye House.

Mama’s Boy, Norwalk CT

It’s rare. It’s really, really rare to find an establishment in this neck of the woods that does brunch the way brunch is meant to be done. What the heck does that mean? Well, it starts with the food- a place that embraces breakfast and elevates it. It’s accompanied by a lively atmosphere that reminds you that Sunday is […]

Barcelona, Stamford CT

There are a few schools of thought when it comes to ‘make your own’ Bloody Mary bars- those who love them and those who hate them. Personally, I’ve never experienced a Bloody Mary bar that wowed me. I can’t help but ask why anyone would pay money at a restaurant to have to make your own […]

Hudson House

Sure, I like Bloody Marys. Well, lets face it- it’s more like a love affair. But the truth is, I rarely have more than one and usually I drink them in the daytime. The flavor of a Bloody Mary is bold and tends to overpower the palate so they don’t go well with many meals ,making them […]

Murphs Famous Bloody Mary Mix