Q Restaurant & Bar, Port Chester NY


Q Restaurant & Bar is a casual, family friendly, barbeque joint located on Main Street in the heart of Port Chester, NY. It is conveniently located near the Port Chester Metro North Station making it a great spot to stop in for a beer after the commute home or to easily bring home some take out. Q Restaurant is set up cafeteria style meaning that you order and pay at the counter, and then a server will bring you your food. They also have a bar area where you can enjoy a cocktail, watch the game and order directly from the bartender rather than the counter.

The Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary Q RestaurantThe Bloody Mary at Q is consistently good. It is loaded with horseradish, medium bodied and has a briny punch. It satisfies the Bloody Mary craving just perfectly.

Is there room for improvement? Always. How would we make it better? Read on…

Q has, quite literally, the best Bacon in town. They also serve up Ribs, Peel & Eat Shrimp and Oysters. ALL of these things make fantastic Bloody Mary garnishes-the best garnishes actually. So here is Local Taste’s FREE advice to Q: Garnish your Bloody Mary with a complimentary slice of bacon and offer $1.00 add ons for a rib, a shrimp or an oyster. Now THAT would be Game On! Imagine all the Local Taste Bloody Mary App matches you could get from that! Not to mention Instagram. This is a no brainer.

The Brunch Scene

Q Fries with Brisket & CheeseAlthough Q is open on Sundays from 12pm-9pm, they don’t actually serve “brunch.” But once in a while, you don’t need eggs on a Sunday. Sometimes you need a Bloody Mary and French Fries smothered in chopped Brisket and Cheese! (Don’t kid yourself, you know what kind of days I’m talking about.) Those are the days when you need some Q in your life!

Good to Know

You can enter Q Restaurant from the back door or the front door. Parking is metered both on the streets and in the parking lots until 9pm Monday- Saturday.

Tasters Tip: The Southern Fried Chicken Bites & the French Fries are best for dining in because they don’t travel well and get soggy.  We have also found portions tend to be a bit smaller when you get take-out verse dining in.

All about the Eats

Ribs Q restaurant Port Chester NYSometimes, a person just needs to get down and dirty with some ribs smothered in sauce and not apologize for the mess it leaves behind on your fingers and face. But the Burbs of NYC are known for a few things, and barbeque ain’t one of them. Therefore, Local Tasters are very happy that Q does barbecue, and does it mighty well. The Marbled Brisket is a fan favorite followed closely by the smoked sausage and Southern Fried Chicken Fingers. However, all the means are really very good and there isn’t one meat that we don’t recommend. Sadly, sides are not their strong point and always a bit of a struggle. The Mac and Cheese is a Velveta style cheese sauce, which although some do prefer this style, simply put, is ‘not my thang.’ Local Tasters have discussed these sides and all agreed we’d like to see some classic Mashed Potatoes and a less ‘processed’ version of the Mac and Cheese.

The Final Say

It’s unconventional for Local Taste to Brunch at a place where the word “Brunch” isn’t even acknowledged. But there is an exception to every rule and Q Restaurant is it. They make a mean Bloody Mary and the food is great. We don’t recommend going here if you are looking to eat light or sip on a Chardonnay (although they do serve wine on tap and have some excellent salads). The Local Taste recommended move is to get comfy at the bar, kick back with a Bloody Mary while you look over the menu, order up, and follow up that Bloody Mary with a Beer. Q is Local Taste Approved!

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